Reema Narendran fell in love with colours eons ago. If rainbows delighted her as a child, the microscopic world of science and its colours brought in awe, as she was growing up. As a student of science, Reema was fascinated with the brilliantly-hued flame tests, the very colourful ash tests and the way different tissues took up different biological stains. A National Award-winning journalist, Reema gave up journalism to explore the world of oil and acrylic colours. Lemon Yellow was born when a friend Padmakumar decided to back her in the venture.

Lemon Yellow Art Enterprises is a joint venture by two friends, Reema Narendran and K.Padmakumar from Kerala, India. Besides the online store, LY has two physical stores, one in Thiruvananthapuram and one in Kochi. LY specialises in decorative paintings and we provide both originals and prints, prints being a cheaper option.

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